59 AD

The historical setting of Ancient Rome meets the sword and sorcery setting of classic Dungeons & Dragons…

The current emperor of Rome is Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus, who has been in power since the death of Emperor Claudius in 54 AD. He drains the Imperial treasury by spending unprecedented amounts of coin on new theaters, lavish and ostentatious displays at the ludi Romani, the famous gladiatorial games of the ancient Empire. Despite Nero’s poor management of the vast Empire, there have been no military campaigns to significantly expand the borders of the empire for nearly half a century, and Rome is not at war with any of its neighbors. Thus, the Pax Romana, the relative peace that has enveloped the Empire since the days of Caesar Augustus, is still in place.

However, there is a great deal of violence and upheaval going on inside of the empire’s borders, most of which seeks to further the agenda of a scheming, greedy, and hedonistic noble caste.

Pax Romana